Raising three children turned us into toy choosing experts. We constantly found ourselves standing in the toy aisle and asking ourselves, “Are these educational? Do they inspire creativity? Are they safe? Will they last?” We bought toy after toy before it dawned on us: Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could set our own standards and create our own children's toys?


The answer to that question became the brand we love and are happy to share with you today: Smart Educational Toys 4 Kids, or as we like to call it, SET4Kids.


As parents, we know it’s exhausting to worry whether children’s toys are safe and reliable. Set4Kids toys exceed every quality test, so you can enjoy peace of mind as your kids learn and play.


All of our interactive games, toys, and learning sets are designed to build the foundation of your kiddo’s academic future. But they aren’t just for educational purposes. They’re for fun, too! Set4Kids toys spark all the wonderment a child craves.


Growing minds need motor skill development, hand-eye coordination practice, and interpersonal coordination! That’s why we’re always developing new ways to help your kids learn their colors, shapes, and numbers, sharpen their STEM skills, and explore their creativity! Whether your kid is in the classroom or at home, Set4Kids toys and activities ensure she’ll learn and have loads of fun while doing it.

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