Fun Ways to Count with Kids

Numbers play a big role in our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. If you have a toddler about, it’s important to introduce them to numbers as early as possible. Of course, little ones aren’t quite yet developed enough to start solving complex equations, but they can learn how to count with relative ease.

Counting serves as the pathway to mathematics and in order for your kids to make simple computations in the future, getting them started in counting by using preschool learning toys is a great idea. Even if you don’t have Montessori toys for toddlers around, you can turn just about any situation into a fun way to count with kids.

Here are some suggestions!

- Count outdoors

Kids need outdoor activity too. Take them to the park and have them help you count how many dogs, trees, other kids, benches, or anything else you see. It helps them discover numbers all around them.

- Count and eat

Turn snack time into an opportunity to count. Have them count their apple slices before eating them. Ask them to count out berries to share with you. There are many ways you can encourage playing with food for the sake of counting.

- Count and clean

Try this one to your advantage the next time things get a little messy. You can have your kids count how many things they pick up from the floor. Since kids love to help, you’ll have everything put away in no time and will have helped them with their counting for the day.

- Count with preschool learning toys

Pardon the pun, but there are countless preschool learning toys that revolve around counting. The ones that allow for color sorting too add even more layers of learning. These are ideal autism toys too, ones that can benefit special learners and all children in general.

- Count with dominoes

Dominoes have easy-to-count dots on them. You can have your kids match them to each other. As they progress in mathematical abilities, you can have them do addition and subtraction with the dominoes. Plus, you can also show them how to line them up and knock them down, something that amuses kids of all ages.

- Dot counting cards

You can make dot counting cards that strategically place dots on actual numbers that correspond with those numbers. For example, the number 3 would have three dots on it. Kids count the dots while seeing the actual number which helps build recognition.

There are so many preschool learning toys out there that you can use, plus you can create your own counting games. Ideally, your best bet is to incorporate both strategies for your child’s ultimate success. By having a well-rounded routine for counting as well as learning other important cornerstones for education, you’ll be giving your little ones the best head start possible.

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