• 2 PIECE BUNDLE- randomly selected colors, you may receive any combination of red, blue, purple or green


  • An ebook is included: “A Complete Guide to Hand Therapy Using a Stress Ball” is part of this product


  • EXERCISE AND STRENGTHEN YOUR ARM,HAND, WRIST MUSCLES AND JOINTS - reduce arthritis and carpal tunnel symptoms. HELP RELIEF STRESS AND MUSCLES TENSION - provide a hand massage and a unique soothing feel, help kids and adults with ADHD and autism anxiety


  • PREVENT REPETITIVE INJURIES - increasingly common due to modern life style (computer work for example)


  • EXTRA DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT - double lined with natural latex. Made in the USA

Isoflex hand therapy and a stress balls - 2 packs with an e book

  • 4.5 x 3 x 2 inches

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